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August 25, 2006

J&K Government failed to protect the Pandit community- Amnesty International

 For Ref : (Common Minimum Program Point 10 Of J&K Govt): The government reaffirms that the return of the Kashmir Pandits to their mother land is an essential ingredient of Kashmiriat. The government will seek the cooperation of all elements in the society to create an atmosphere conducive to their safe return, will take all necessary steps to ensure their safety and devise effective measures of their rehabilitation and employment.

ai.jpgAMNESTY INTERNATIONAL WRITES TO CHIEF MINISTER………..The state government promised a dignified return for the estimated 200,000 Kashmiri Pandits who have left the state since the outbreak of the insurgency.(6) The state government failed to protect the Pandit community at a time when it was making efforts to persuade the Pandits to return to their homes. In March 2003, 24 Kashmiri Pandits including 11 women and two children were killed by unidentified gunmen in Nadimarg.(7) Prior to these killings leaders of the Pandit community had met with local authorities and requested additional security as they felt that the level of security was inadequate, but their request had been rejected.

Fifty-four people from nine families were living in Nadimarg and had not migrated despite several massacres that had been carried out in the area in the past. Since these killings a further 160 of the estimated 700 Pandit families who continued to live in Kashmir fled due to fears of being targeted. Seven constables of the Jammu and Kashmir police were dismissed from service following an inquiry into the role of the policemen deployed on guard duty at Nadimarg on the day. Investigations have not revealed the individuals responsible for the killings.(8)

Amnesty International urges the state government to abide by the commitment it made in the Common Minimum Program that it would ensure that religious minorities in the state are able to enjoy all their constitutionally guaranteed rights and that further impartial and independent investigations will be .will be conducted into the killings at Nadimarg with a view to bringing to justice those responsible. ……..


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