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September 7, 2006

Pakistan-Instrument Of Surrender to India

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The instrument of surrender was signed at Ramna Race Course in Dacca at 16.31 IST on December 16, 1971 , a day familiar to every Bangladeshi, by Jagjit Singh Aurora, Commander-in-chief of Indian forces in the Bangladesh and General Niazi ,Commandar of Pakistani forces in Bangladesh .Lieutenant-General Jagjit Singh Aurora accepted the surrender of Pakistani forces led by General Niazi.The signing of the document ended the war, and led to the formation of Bangladesh, the name of the new country (later reduced to a single word) was used in the instrument of surrender, which declared: “The Pakistan Eastern Command agree to surrender all Pakistan armed forces in Bangla Desh to Lieutenant-General Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Indian and Bangla Desh forces in the Eastern Theatre.”

Aurora accepted the surrender without a word, while thousands cheered. He was hoisted on soldiers’ shoulders amid shouts of jai Bangla (victory to Bangla).Niazi along with a sizeable number of Pakistani soldiers were taken prisoner (upwards of 90,000). This was the largest number of POWs since WWII and included some government


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