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November 20, 2006

MUFTI SYED – He Preaches Hatred ?

In an article published in many news papers including Kashmir Observer , Chief patron of the PDP and former chief minister, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, today said that his party’s self rule formula envisages subordinate assemblies in all the three regions of the state and wants restoration of aKashmir that was ruled by Yousuf Shah Chak 400 years ago.

 Mufti was mobilizing public opinion on the PDP’s self rule proposal at a rally of party workers at the Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium before leaving for
New York.

Not many would be knowing what the Chak rule was like ? It is absolutely shocking that the previous chief minister of the state wants the state to be like what it was during Chak rule . Kindly read the below article to know what Mufti Syed advocates , he advocates an era in which hindus were killed inKashmir ……Is this what is called peace building exercise ?

Kashmir teetering on the verge of collapse was destined to witness the advent of Chak rulers, who consolidated their political position through intrigues and political murders. Belonging to the Dardic descent, the Chaks had entered the borders of Kashmir during the hegemony of Shah Mir. It was actually Ramchander as the chief of the Kashmirian army, who rising above narrow considerations, provided shelter to Lanker Chak and his rullowers defeated in their native land by the forces inimical to them. The Chaks were ferocious and barbarous and that is what made them to grab the political power of Kashmir. At the behest of Shams-ud-din Iraqi, a proselytiser from Talish on the shores of Caspian, the Chaks were converted to the Shia sect of Islam. They were equally ruthless and showed no mercy to the Kashmirian Hindus, whose numbers had been fast dwindling under the onslaught of the fanatical zealots. Iraqi had no support-base in Kashmir. He cleverly operated under the protective wings of Sheikh Ismail Kubravi, who had shown lots of zeal for furthering the cause of Islam in Kashmir.1 He manipulated a sharp division in the followers of the Sheikh by boosting up Baba Ali Najar, who was idiotic but wielded considerable influence over the Kashmirians. The Complete story of Chak Rule is available


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