The Kashmir

November 29, 2006

Kashmir is not okay

……Providing jobs for the kin of terrorists is a ‘healing touch,’ but doing the same for a Kashmiri Pandit is nowhere in the agenda. What is Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed trying to prove? Does he want to say he has taken care of terrorism and all is fine in Kashmir? Does he seriously think industrialists will pump in money at a place where the common man’s life is uncertain and terrorists are released to kill innocents?

Kashmir is not okay, Mr Sayeed. Kashmir is not fine. Why can’t you see it? Fourteen years, thousands of lives, billions of rupees and not a lesson learnt.

In fact, the conflict is at its worst today. The series of attacks on army camps, increased number of encounters and heightened security operations all support this — a view that both the state and central governments are at pains to contradict.

The recent spurt of violence, they say, is just a spurt. Another wave that will soon subside. Perhaps they don’t understand it is the 10 major strike after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s government took over power in the state. As per his healing touch plan for the Pandits’ return, they are to be kept in two security zones, where all security will be provided and the Pandits would be herded in worse than a concentration camp-like situation. Even if the plan succeeds, is this the solution to their plight?

Looking at the present scenario it seems Kashmiri Hindus serve only one purpose for the country: as convenient political footballs. Leaders kick them as per their needs and they get torn between the whims of politicians.

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The writer, Seema Kachru is a freelance writer and PR consultant in Houston, Texas, USA


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