The Kashmir

February 1, 2007

Better To Be A Terrorist in Kashmir ?

As per the report which keeps appearing time to time in the press, it is said that a Pakistan trained terrorists is encouraged to surrender in India. Upon surrendering a Terrorist is paid Rs 3,00,000 ( Aprrox 6700 US $ )  as a one time booty plus a monthly stipend of Rs 3,000 (Approx 67 US $ ) .

The terroists lives in his home along with his family and even forcibly occupies houses and farm lands etc of Kashmiri Pandits who had to fled his terror.

Compare this with Kashmiri Pandits,peace loving minorty hindus of Kashmir who had to leave their homes of thousands of years, the original inhabitants of Kashmir.They were selectively killed in thousands and the tale is equivalent of Auschwitz. A Genocide.

These Kashmiri Pandits are now refugees in their own country,having fled their homeland of Kashmir due to the terror of Islamic fanatics. They continue to live in camps. A room for a complete family is all that they have. The family which had hundreds of acres of land, scores of rooms in theor homes and acres and acres of orchards are reduced to this pitibale state. And that too intheir own country !

What do they get …….Just US $ 67 as compensation from their own country for the whole family ,nothing more …nothing less………….

This is what peace loving citizen gets in comparison to a terrorist !

The haunting question is ” Is it better to be a terrorist in Kashmir “ and get rewarded ?


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