The Kashmir

March 21, 2007

An Exhibition on Kashmir

“…I know how some of my relatives have been murdered in cold blood, my own family house has been razed to the ground. I can’t even begin to describe the pain, we, the Kashmiri Pandits feel at the very mention of Kashmir, which has been our dear motherland for ever and we can’t even think of returning back to this beautiful land. I was always proud of being a Kashmiri Pandit, but by now it has become a nightmare to be one. I can’t go to the land where I was born, I can’t pray in our Temple at Shankaracharya Hill to our family deity, LordShiva. I cannot visit the holiest Mata’s temples in Kashmir, the Khir Bhawani Temple. These temples and Srinagar is a part of my beautiful childhood memories. Sometimes, we, the Pandits lose all hope that no – one cares and because of our number there are not too many Pandits remaining by now (after centuries of sufferings and persecution by the Islamic terrorists), we can’t make any difference to the vote bank in our own country, India, either; however, every now and then, people like you all show up and renew our hope in humanity all over again. Please note that I am not anti-Muslim or anti-Islam by any means but like most of us I am most definitely anti-terrorism.” – Source FACT 

They say pictures speak louder than the words……Please click HERE to check an exhibition on Kashmir .


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