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August 2, 2007

My son would kill Mr. Bush — Asiya Andrabi

One more example to prove that the terrorists ,their supporters and mojority community in Kashmir are fighting the Indian army so as to make Kashmir an Islamic state. These people are nothing but terrorists and should be treated like that.

Looking at “this” interview of Asiya Andrabi , i wonder how lenient the Indian Govt is. Arent they letting lose a ” Masood” or “Osama” in making . Why is this woman free ?

Kindly go through some of the statements of Asiya Andrabi :-

Source : Ummah News Links 

1. “My strong belief is that all human beings should accept Islam

2 “Yes, we want an Islamic state, why not? Islam should be in power. They should be powerful, the Islam. And that should be governed by the laws of Allah the almighty. Quran is rules and regulations of all parliaments and assemblies”

3.”My husband was a Mujahid. When we started the struggle in 1988 we called all of the Muslim men to jihad. Until and unless India will leave this Kashmir, until and unless all the Indian forces will leave the Kashmir, jihad will continue (Insh’allah Rahman) and there is no option that mujihadeen will lay down their guns.”

4.”Yes, I believe in that, and not only in Kashmir. I believe jihad is the most sacred job in Islam, and we believe we will be rewarded in the life hereafter. So if Kashmir will be liberated from Indian clutches and there will be jihad somewhere else in Muslim world it’s my dream that my sons will go there and fight,even if my son become a suicide bomber and would kill the enemies of Islam.. ”

5. “Here in Kashmir the enemies of Islam are the Indian army. To kill Indian army is my dream. So are the Indian politicians — they are the enemies of Islam and they are the enemies of our freedom struggle. Not the common man. If you are from America, I don’t have any grudge with you. But if I see George Bush anywhere, and my son would kill Mr. Bush, it would be a great honor for Asiya Andrabi.”

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