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August 26, 2007

A Lie Which Cheated the Courts !

On 13th Dec 2001 , Indian Parliament was attacked. One of the accused was Mr Geelani who was first sentenced to death but later set free.

It had been long that I wanted to know the transcripts of Geelanis telephonic conversation and wanted to know the reality . The reason being that people who were pleading for Geelani have been known to be supporters of separatism in Kashmir and are well known JKLF supporters.

One person who gave a testimony in court and translated the telephonic conversation is Sanjay Kak, a film director who never made it big.

The report from Guardian says :

Giving evidence in court, Kak said, “The Kashmiri equivalent of ‘What’s happened?’ is ‘Yeh Kya Korua’. It is a generic term used for a range of ordinary circumstances

The whole translation is nothing but a Lie which has not only cheated the court but also the whole nation. The exact translation of ” Yeh Kya Korua” is ” What did you all do ” and NOT  ” Whats happened” as said by Sanjay Kak.   

In this case ,the caller was refering to more than one person. If the question would have been asked refering to only a single person , it would have been something like “Yeh Kya Koruth?” Anyone who knows Kashmiri would tell you whatz correct .

To translate it in plain hindi it means “Yeh Kya Kar Diya ?” ….and Kak changed the real meaning ……………….For ? 

Whats Happened ” when translated in Kashmiri would be ” Kya Gov or Kya Che Gomut ?”

The question still haunting my mind is (a) Does Sanjay Kak know Kashmiri ? (b) And if he does …what made him defend a person who had been accused of attacking the Indian parliament ?

Would Sanjay respond ?  


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