The Kashmir

August 26, 2007

Their Strategies and Their Motives

The “Battle For Kashmir ” has entered into a different segment . A massive effort is being put to influence the so called “liberal” and the “leftist” class of India and work on to influence the new generation of so called ” liberals” to accept that Kashmir needs to be free from India.

Having closely followed the different strategies , after failing miserably with the Guns and also now as the  Kashmir issue is connected with Global Terrorism , the idea of spreading the message of “Azaadi” [ read poison ] to rest of country has started in a very well planned way.

The first plan was to present a picture that the “Battle For Kashmir ” was not a religious issue. For this they may have used Sanjay Kak to make a movie called “Jashn E Azadi” and started the screenings of the movie across the country.

Incidently Sanjay Kak was one of the two translators who were preseneted by the lawyers of Geelani , who was then accused in Parliament Attack case. What people do not know that Sanjay Kak translated it all wrong so as the accused are set free. The other translator , Sampat Prakash , has now formally joined JKLF and is on a tour which is called Safar E Azadi. So much similar to Jashn E Azadi. 

The ever “liberal” and anything opposite to Indian cause activist , Arundhati Roy and terrorists leader and commander in chief of JKLF , Yasin Malik, have been seen at the screenings of Jashn E Azadi.

The screenings were later taken to many colleges and shown discretely , with the idea to corrupt the thought of a growing teenager .

Another interesting activity I noticed is the way these strategists use the innocent tourists to further and justify the cause , which is based on Islamic Fanaticism.

Looking at “Kashmir Blog ” , the author of the Blog has very conveniently used a innocent write up of a student traveller to Kashmir , and used it as a propaganda tool . The innocent Mumbai girls wouldn’t have even imagined that she has been used by those people whose master sit across the border. There would be many Rias and Gayatris who would not be aware how they have been influenced and used as a propogonda for a cause , a cause which has been run though power of guns and having contacts with Al Qaeda and supported by Pakistan.

The systematic corruption and influencing the people in wrong direction end up with incidents like these , the latest being on in Hyderabad yesterday.

And for the “liberals” , they would be just preparing to even defend those who may have been behind bars. [ I wonder where these “liberals” were when Taslima was attacked in Hyderabad.

The process of building a lobby to justify separation of Kashmir from India , is working over time. It would be nice to see if the Govt and its agencies keep a watch and take prompt action , before this infection turns into a cancer and engulfs the whole nation..


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