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September 2, 2008

You are being tracked !

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Dear Readers,

As I have been writing to you to kindly do not use abusive language on this blog and I had appealed many times. Unfortunately no one seemed to listen. While as i try to take time out of my already busy scheduled to remove any abusive comments , whether it is anti Hindu or anti Islam , things seem to be going too far.

Enough is Enough…. People using the name of Zubair , Chandru Ki *** and  Bam Bam are perhaps working on directions of anti Indians and separatist Kashmiri forces. They seem to have received directions from Web sites whose screen shot I am providing below, where people are being prompted to write abusive language on this blog.


  However I must warn these writers that they are being tracked. The person who is using name of “Bham Bham” and writing anti Hindu comments is using an official connection to put all hate comments. This persons IP address has been noted and i can see his location as well, IP belongs to a Bank which I do not wish to make public. I do not wish this person to be in trouble request him to desist from abusive language.


Similarly Zubair and Chandru Ki Maa are the names being used by a single person using different ID’s and the person is based in Delhi. I know the connection this person uses and the location.

I am requesting the people not to be emotional and write abusive. Abuse is a language used by losers. And I wished to let you know that you are being tracked. Dont think that using different nick names would not help us track you down. We would….if you exceed the limit ….track you down……even if you are sleeping in some caves of Tora Bora.

I would not let you kill my Blog !




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