The Kashmir

January 23, 2010


Here i share with you three interesting photographs of the so called leaders of Kashmir who have cheated with the people.

These leaders have ,for their monetary benefit  been directly or indirectly been responsible for thousands of deaths in Kashmir and have been responsible for making 7,00,000 Kashmiri Pandits homeless and refugees in their own country.

This picture shows the passport of Syed Ali Shah Geelani , hardcore fundamentalist and leader of Hurriyat Conference. Geelani is also seen as a ‘hawk’ in the peace process.

While as Geelani provokes everybody in Kashmir to shun India and anything related to India , he does not mind getting himself treated in best of Indian hospitals of Mumbai & Delhi.

And yes , he had sworn by the country’s constitution and still carries an Indian Passport , while as he continues to play his dirty politics which results in more violence in Kashmir.He claims that he would convert Kashmir into an islamic state, while as he enjoys the benefit of his ‘Kafir’ Government.

Indian Passport of Syed Ali Shah Geelani

The below two pictures are of the person who introduced and smuggled guns in Kashmir. The person who has cases related to terrorist activities pending , but due to being an ‘agent’ of both the governments of India & Pakistan , he is allowed to be a free man.

This man is in love with money .According to SATP In 2002 police recoved INR 4.8 millions meant for Yasin Malik . As ordinary Kashmiris continue to struggle and arrange for their livelihood , as Tourism being the main industry of Kashmir continues to fail since the start of militancy, Yasin enjoys being showered by currency , no matter which country it may belong to.

As a Kashmiri Pandit refugee said,“If the Kashmiri Muslims want to put cheaters in the Hall of Fame, that’s their stupid and suicidal prerogative,”


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