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February 12, 2010

India Media – Are they to be trusted ?

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As you must be aware about the controversy going around “My Name Is Khan” , Indian media houses like NDTV , CNN-IBN is busy promoting this movie and all other news seem to have be censored. One of the reason may be to somehow and prove that a pro Hindu Party [ Shiv Sena ] is defeated.

The websites of these two channels have a headline that all shows in Mumbai are going housefull for the day.

It made an interesting reading and i thought about checking the availability, though i would surely not be watching this movie. I checked the availability status for today at “” for a 7 PM show for today at CineMax , which is one of the most popular Cinema in Western Line of Mumbai.

Attach below is the status at 3:30 PM . As you could see almost 80% seats are still open to be booked and rest i presume would be booked by Congress activists.

Why does our media have to stoop so low so as to lie to ensure someone is to be defeated.



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