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July 12, 2010

Kashmir Violence -Media Instigators from Pakistan

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In my last post I had proved of how LeT, JuD and Hurriyat activists are actively promoting hatred and anti India activities through facebook.

Today I am again presenting to my readers some interesting facts promoted by Pakistan based media , the intent remains the same. Here is one of them which operates under the domain

KMSNEWS provides some statistics of killings which have happened in Kashmir since 1989.  Here is a screen shot of same.

Exaggerated figures of KMS lack commonsense

If one goes by the above figures , which are often quoted by separatists in the valley , we need to believe that

  • 13 people have been killed in Kashmir everyday without a fail for last 20 years , not even a moron would believe it.
  • It claims over One lac seven thousand have been orphaned in the valley , but the total killed are less than that figure. That means more than 10 thousand siblings lost a parent , and rest 90,000 or more also lost a parent. I guess the KMS editorial havent studied mathematics.
  • The mathematics of KMS proves that of those who were killed around 22,728 were married and rest of 70,547 bachelors….
  • And the data ends with statistics of around 1 women raped/ molested each day since last 20 years.
  • Considering 107,351 children orphaned and 22,728 widows , makes out that each married person who dies had average 5 children.

Many of my friends who have different ideologies would believe these statistics. It is people like these , who receive huge some of money from certain quarters, and whose main job is to keep the valley burning and ensuring that peace doesn’t return.

On further check up , I found out that the website is run by one Mr Tajammul Islam from Islamabad, Pakistan. It doesnt surprise me to see a ‘foreign hand in this’. Check below the registration details ..

Registration details of Anti India website


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