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June 28, 2011

Ugh . It sounds nice !

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An article on a website of a national newspaper [1] , a rather delayed response [2] and a counter argument was going on well , and I thought let us leave it as it is . Let the readers decide .

I personally am firm not to respond , as I have often witnessed that any discussion of a subject as serious as Kashmir , often tends to get ugly and ends up at personal attacks.

I was , honestly , not happy with the choice of words Sabah Ji had used in her post . But then one is free to write anything , and a satire should be appreciated even if you dont necessarily agree to it. And I must admit that I admire the wit of Sabah Ji , everytime I come across her post or a tweet.

Sabah Ji , had also tweeted to Pawan [?] that she has tweeted her response and is done with it.

As they say , hell hath no fury greater than of a woman scorned , I was hugely disappointed with a retweet done by Sabah Ji even after tweeting that she was ‘done with it’ ,  The tweet read as follows

Now that was one retweet , which I take offence to , as nowehere in my post is a line which in anyway directs hate towards anyone .  However I am glad , that Sabah Ji chose to retweet this and display it on her public twitter time line.

Coming back to her response ,  the subject line starts with Ugh !  The subject line is extremely interesting , and I am sure Ram Gopal Verma can surely make a movie on that subject . However on a serious note , why does a response from a person who has a different view point be responded with a ‘Ugh’ ?  But then , as I said …. I would end up admiring that subject line as well .

I wont comment further , let the civility prevail.


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