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August 6, 2008

Appeasement is never good for a nation

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My friend Lalit has written an eye opener for those who have recently tuned in to the Amarnath land controversy.


Mainstream media (Rediff.Com) has finally published his column that was submitted two weeks ago.
Editors of Rediff.Com have edited some of the language that is available in the original column at

August 5, 2008

Shot in the head – Another martyr in Samba

Police deliberately shot hindu protesters in the head to scare people.

Where are the human right bodies ?   Check out these two hindu youths shot in the head !


Martyr For A Cause

Martyr For A Cause -Shot in the head

Young life lost for a cause

Yet another young life lost for a cause -shot in the head

Mehbooba Mufti – Cooking the communal & separatist dish

                              Mehbooba Waving a "green" Handkerchief


* Mehbooba Mufti claiming Kashmiri Muslims have been secular.

* Mehbooba Mufti warning India of Kashmir separating from India.

* Mehbooba Mufti warning rest of India not to interfere in affairs of Jammu & Kashmir.

* Mehbooba Mufti opposing facilities to Amarnath pilgrims.

* Warning India that providing land to Hindu pilgrims would result in losing Kashmir forever.



August 4, 2008

The Truth Behind Holy Amarnath

Please Click on link below to download a file in .pdf format to know the truth behind Amarnath. It contains the fact sheets and would serve as an eye opener as how relegious rights of hindus are being curbed in muslim majority state of ‘secular’ India.

Pls forward and share the file with as many people.


August 3, 2008

‘Dictator’ Vohra imposes Un-announced Emergency in Jammu

Hindus targeted by Police in Jammu province. These pictures speak for themselves. TV Cable services have been snapped. SMS services on Mobile phone stopped and media banned. Governor Vohra is behaving like a dictator . 

Cane Charge on innocentsin Jammu

Cane Charge on innocentsin Jammu

Is being Indian a crime in Jammu & Kashmir ?

Is being Indian a crime in Jammu & Kashmir ?

Police brutality against Hindus in Jammu

Police brutality against Hindus in Jammu

Police acting like Barbarians

Police acting like Barbarians

Amarnath land transfer -nothing wrong with it .

The decesion of Jammu & Kashmir Govt. to revoke the order transfering the land to Shri Amarnath Shri Board is part of long plan to treat minorty hindus as a second class citizens in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. While Jammu has been burning sincle last 33 days with shoot at sight orders imposed , the media has been restricted to cover the anger of Jammu people,who have as always been neglected.Central Govt in keeping with the tradition of psuedo secularism and muslim vote bank , have more or less decided to let Jammu burn and have not held and talks with agitating people to resolve the issue.

For those who havent read the land transfer document , please check for yourself and comment.’


The land transfer order forbids raising permanent structures

Government of Jammu and Kashmir
Civil Sectt: Forest Department

Subject: Diversion of 39.88 ha of forest land to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board at Baltal and Domail for raising Buliding/Structures in Sindh Forest Division

Reference: Cabinet Decision No. 94/7 dated 20.05.2008 Sanction is accorded to the diversion of forest land measuring 39.88 ha… in Block Kullan, Range Sindh, Sindh Forest Division, for raising pre-fabricated structures only for camping purposes of pilgrims, without going in for construction of permanent structures at Baltal and Domail, by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board on following terms and conditions:

1. The proprietary status of forest land shall remain unchanged.
2. The land so diverted shall be utilised only for the purpose for which it has been diverted.
3. The land so diverted shall not be mortgaged, reassigned or sub-leased by the user agency.
4. The user agency shall pay Net Present Value of the forest land to the tune of Rs 2,31,30,400/
5. The user agency shall pay Rs 19,94,000/ on account of compensatory afforestation to be
carried over 79.76 ha …
9. The user agency shall construct complete retaining/ breast walls on the both side of
the road/railway line/earth work/tunneling etc… so as to minimise soil erosion/land slips.

The proposal stands cleared/approve by the advisory committee in its 39th meeting held under the chairmanship of the chief secretary on 12th July, 2007

Sd/- Principal Secretary to Government,

Forest Department

Dated: 26.05.2008

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