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January 9, 2013

An open letter to BJP leadership | @bjp4India

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Dear Gadkari Ji ,


Last few weeks Indians across the country have voiced their opinion in demanding safety and respect to women.  That BJP has been in forefront to demand the same and that is well appreciated. The world has an eye on us.


It was around 20th December that Congress spokesperson Mr Sanjay Nirupam , during a TV debate allegedly used many derogatory remarks on Ms Smriti Irani which insinuated on her character and even on her marriage, which is completely unacceptable by entire nation.


We in the social media took cognizance of the matter and took up the issue and objected to Mr. Sanjay Nirupam’s behavior  also made sure that he was exposed. Many across party lines and religious divide chose not to ignore the comments and expressed their displeasure in public.  Very promptly senior BJP leader and National spokesperson Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad addressed a press conference and announced BJP’s official boycott of Nirupam until he apologies and no BJP leader or spokesperson shall not appear on TV Panel Debates where, Nirupam is another panellist. This was well appreciated by all.


However yesterday, it was shocking to see Mr. Venkaiyah Naidu debate on the same panel as Mr. Sanjay Nirupam on NDTV 24×7.  As a normal TV viewer BJP seemed to have compromised on its resolve and the dignity of its own leader. It appeared as a party that didn’t keep to its own  words or a faction of it didn’t care about the rest.


As BJP sympathisers, we felt deceived by the leadership and seemed as if we simply don’t understand what the party stands for. As a citizen we felt that respect for women wasn’t important. It seemed like a casual attitude towards abusers. For BJP debating for party seemed to hold more value than anything else.


Gandhi Ji had said – I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one’s self-respect.


Sir, we wish to know & understand


1. Does the BJP leadership not know of the public announcement made ?


2. Someone suggested that Mr Venkiah Naidu was not informed about presence of Mr Nirupam on the panel. So when Mr Naidu became aware of Mr Nirupam’s presence , Why didn’t he walk out ? This would have conveyed a strong message  .


3. It is also suggested that Mr. Venkaiyah Naidu did protest in the break time. If he indeed did so, do we infer that the channel gave no value to his protest and everybody continued debating? Is that how they treat BJP leaders?


4. What action has party taken to convey the message to the channel?


5. Considering Mr. Nirupam  is a member of LokSabha and Mrs Smriti Irani a Rajya Sabha Member, has the party sent letter to speakers of both the houses over ‘these remarks’ ? If yes, can it be made public?


6. Has the defamation case been filed?


We in the social media are fiercely independent and committed to the cause thus we cannot close our eyes to errors such as these. We wish to see our leaders take a strong stand for them and for the ideology with effective media management. We wish the party reciprocates the sentiment and takes adequate measures that would assure us of the same.


Thanks and regards


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