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October 25, 2006

Bitta Karate – Ravana Of Kashmir

Interview of mass killer
If a killer like Bitta Karate, who has confessed to having killed more than 22 Kashmiri Hindus, is released, it will be a SHAME. If Government of India does not seek death sentence for people like Bitta Karate, then they should release all terrorists and killers. A TADA court in
Jammu has fixed October 15 as the date of hearing for the bail application for Farooq Ahmad Dar, alias Bitta Karate. Last month, Supreme Court of India dismissed Public Safety Act charges against Dar, and issued orders for his release. Again a politician, Bhim Singh of the Panthers Party is pleading Dar’s case.Watch Bitta Karate’s full interview at:

Following is the transcript of the interview of Bitta Karate (Farooq Dar) with NewsTrack.

NewsTrack – NT
Farooq Dar alais “Bitta Karate” – BK

NT: Why did he become a terrorist?
BK: Local administration troubled us a lot. And therefore after getting frustrated, I joined militancy.
NT: So you became
India‘s enemy?
BK: Yes.
NT: So local administration did not take proper care of you and thus you became

India‘s enemy?
BK: Yes.
NT: And you started killing innocent people?
BK: Where did I kill innocent lives? I used to get orders from higher-ups?
NT: Who used to give you orders?
BK: Ishfaq Majid Wani.
[Kashmir Liberation Front Area Commander Ishfaq Majid Wani took willing Bitta Karate across the line of actual control to POK for 32 days training. The Pakistanis didn’t trust anyone. They blind-folded them each time they moved to a different location.]

NT: So those people who don’t even trust you….they blind-fold you wherever they move you…
BK: They were taking everybody..
NT: Yes…And for those people you are ready to give up your life…
BK: No. What we had in our minds back then was….that we will separate

Kashmir…That is what they used to teach us…
NT: Whenever you used to murder someone, was it always Ishfaq’s Ahmad Wani’s order or did you kill people on your own as well?
BK: No. I never used to kill anybody on my own. We used to get orders from higher up. Leader used to give orders.
NT: So you used to get orders to kill anybody and you used to kill them?
BK: Yes.
NT: Whosoever it would be?
BK: Yes. Whosoever it would be.
NT: Even if he would have asked you to kill your real brother?
BK: Yes. I would have killed.
NT: Even if he would have asked you to kill your own mother?
BK: Yes I would have killed.
NT: So this was worst than slavery. Wasn’t it?
BK: No, where was the slavery? As I said whenever someone (a boy) joins, they would ask them to take an oath. They would tell that these are the following tasks. And if someone did not want to do those tasks, then he could go.
[Working for the KLF, Bitta Karate was so completely blinded by his anti-national sentiments that he had no hesitation in killing absolutely innocent people.]
BK: No. There were no innocents. They would never kill innocents.
NT: But you don’t know whether that particular person is innocent or not.
BK: No. I didn’t know.
NT: You were given orders to kill and you killed?
BK: Yes.
[JNSaxena (DGP Police): “Bitta Karate was not a dreaded terrorist but he was a compulsive killer. And we were after him for a long time because he committed some very gruesome murders in front of women and children and things like that.”]
NT: Okay. How many people did you kill?
BK: I don’t remember.
NT: So you killed so many people that you don’t even remember?
BK: 10-12..I must have killed…
NT: 10-12 or 20?
BK: You can say 20..
NT: Were all these Kashmiri Pandits or were there some Muslims as well?
BK: There were some Muslims as well?
NT: How many Muslims and how many Kashmiri Pandits?
NT: Were there more Kashmiri Pandits?
BK: Yes.
NT: Why? Why was it so?
BK: We were ordered like that.
NT: Well. Who was the first person you killed?
NT: When did you commit your first murder?
BK: Let me think. First murder I committed was of Satish…
NT: Satish who?
BK: Satish Kumar Tikku.
NT: Satish Kumar Tiku. Who was he?
BK: I got the order from higher up to hit him and I did that.
NT: Who was he?
BK: A Pandit boy.
NT: Was it just because he was a Pandit boy?
BK: No. He probably belonged to RSS.
NT: So what? Is belonging to RSS a crime? Does it mean that if someone belongs to RSS you will kill that person?
BK: As I told you, I used to get instructions from higher ups to kill that particular person. If someone else would have gotten the same order, he had to kill that person.
[Interviewing Late Satish Kumar Tiku’s father:
The guy Bitta Karate, who killed Satish Kumar…for him what punishment do you think is appropriate?
What can I say? My son is not going to come back? How can he?]
[Back to Bitta Karate….]
NT: With what did you kill them?
BK: With Pistols.
NT: Did you always kill with pistols? Or did you kill with AK-47 as well?
BK: With AK-47, we used to attack and fire on Security people.
NT: Okay..And when you had to kill one person then you used the pistol?
BK: Yes. With Pistol.
NT: Did you used to go alone or did you have couple of people with you?
BK: Usually, I used to go alone.
NT: Did you use to wear a mask?
BK: No. Without a mask.
NT: That means that people used to watch you kill someone?
BK: Yes.
NT: So they did recognize you?
BK: Yes.
NT: So people did not hand you over to police?
BK: No. That time people used to support us.
NT: So did it ever happen that you wanted to kill someone but you failed?
BK: No.
NT: So whenever you tried to kill someone, you succeeded?
BK: Yes. I always succeeded. My aim was always accurate.
NT: So what was special about it? How was it that you always succeeded?
BK: It was dependent upon muscle power. Pistol fire is the toughest fire. And pistol file requires strong muscle power.
NT: And, were you shooting from a close range?
BK: No, I used to keep a distance.
NT: How far?
BK: 30 yards….20 yards
NT: You used to kill with pistol from such a distance?
BK: Yes.
NT: And where did you use to aim? Head or the Heart?
BK: Most of the time, I used to aim Head or Heart.
NT: So when people used to die or would even writhe in front of you, did you ever feel what you are doing? Like I am a human being and am taking another human being’s life.
BK: Early on, I used to feel that way. But later on, I didn’t.
[The man who Bitta Karate followed blindly Ishfaq Wani suffered a violent end much like the kind he had given to dozens of people.]
NT: How was Ishfaq Majid Wani killed?
BK: He was killed in an encounter.
NT: In an encounter?
BK: Yes. In an encounter.
NT: Genuine encounter? Was it?
BK: Yes. Genuine encounter.
NT: That means it was a real encounter?
BK: Yes, a real encounter.
NT: Was he firing upon security forces?
BK: No, he was standing in a cover position.
NT: But he was fighting with security forces?
BK: There were other boys who were fighting and he tried to throw a hand grenade and he was shot.
[Looking back now, Bitta Karate feels that Pakistanis have cheated them.]
BK: Back in 1988, when I did my training in

Pakistan, they told me that you do something within the state and when people will be with you, we will take care of the rest.
NT: Meaning

Pakistan will
BK: Attack

NT: But that did not happen.
BK: No, that did not happen.
NT: So how did you feel?
BK: I felt very sad.
NT: Did you feel that you were cheated?
BK: Yes. We very cheated very badly.
NT: Do you feel that the path you have taken, militants have taken, the path of shooting, blasting bombs, killing innocent people…..will it help you in achieving your goal of splitting India, breaking away Kashmir from India?
BK: I think it is difficult.
NT: Is it difficult or impossible?
BK: Both difficult as well as impossible.
NT: So why are you following this path? If your aim is not going to be fulfilled…
BK: I feel my brothers should now talk to government. Militants should now talk to government. Dacoities and rapes are happening.
NT: What is happening?
BK: Rapes are happening.
NT: Rapes are happening?
BK: Yes.
NT: Whose?
BK: The girls are being raped.
NT: Who is committing these rapes?
BK: I don’t know but they are taking place.

Lot of atrocities. Dacoities, extortion at gunpoint.
NT: Militants?
BK: Yes, militants.
NT: And militants are raping girls as well?
BK: Yes, militants?
NT: And are they putting pressure on people to marry their daughters to some particular person?
BK: No. I don’t know about that.
NT: But you do know that militants are raping girls?
BK: Yes. They do.
NT: And extort money at gun-point?
BK: Yes.
[How does Bitta Karate react to large-scale surrender of militants?]
BK: Those who are surrendering are doing the right thing.
NT: So they are doing the right thing?
BK: Yes. They are doing the right thing.
NT: But other militants who are not surrendering, will they allow to live these people who are surrendering?
BK: They too should surrender.
NT: They should surrender. But that is a different story. But what will happen?
BK: What do you mean?
NT: I mean, will all these 3000 or more militants in the valley surrender?
BK: No.
NT: So what will happen in real-terms?
BK: As I said, it will result in destruction.
NT: What will be your punishment?
BK: Whatever they give will be acceptable to me?
NT: What do you think will be your punishment?
BK: It is possible that I might get Life imprisonment. I might get hanged as well.
BK: It is possible that I might get Life imprisonment. I might get hanged as well.

BK: It is possible that I might get Life imprisonment. I might get hanged as well.
NT: Which one has the greater possibility?
BK: I think it will be death by hanging.
NT: Is it acceptable to you?
BK: Yes, it is acceptable to me.

[This man who is casual about killing other people clearly sees his own end in a misguided glory of martyrdom. What kind of a cause is this that dehumanizes the man so much that he is willing to kill his own mother



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