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November 29, 2007

Godhra Carnage Vs. Pundits Exodus – J. N. Raina

On-again, off-again nature of talk about 2002 Gujarat riots, on the heels of Godhra carnage, is preposterous. It is outrageous and disgusting to raise such issues, rendered irrelevant with the passage of time, to tarnish the image of India, booming with economic activity. It is disrespectful to the nation of one billion people.

The so-called ‘Tehelka expose’ has, in fact, exposed the hollowness of pseudo-secularists, who flourish on such ‘gossip’. Such loose discussions, brought to the fore repeatedly, should be put to an end once for all. The drum-beaters of secularism are deliberately orchestrating of what they call ‘sting operation’, when the Assembly elections in Gujarat are approaching. It is the height of stupidity to claim that the ‘expose’ just ‘coincided’ with the announcement of the Assembly poll in Gujarat.

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November 21, 2007



                                                                                    Kamal Hak

Recently our lost homeland has been a buzz with news of different nature. The national media has been replete with the stories about Kashmiri Pandits reopening their temples and other places of worship after nearly eighteen years. These news stories also empathetically highlight the cooperation extended by the local Muslims in organizing the prayers and hawans at the previously abandoned temples. This is also fact that now more and more displaced Kashmiri Pandits find themselves mustering enough courage for taking a brief sojourn to their roots. Also, despite what the local media in Kashmir may project, Kashmiri Muslims at their individual levels are renewing their contacts with the displaced community. On their return from a brief visit to the valley many displaced Kashmiri Pandits speak about the discernable change of heart in the local Muslims. Some even suggest the preparedness of the local Muslims for apologizing to the displaced Pandits for the injustice committed against them.



A few months back some sort of brouhaha was created when the erstwhile spokesperson of All Party Hurriat Conference, Saleem Geelani, offered apologies to displaced Kashmiri Pandits on behalf of Kashmiri Muslims during a seminar organized by Roots in Kashmir in Jammu. Many agencies, with vested interests, and including some Kashmiri Pandits lose no time in branding these incidents as the indications of changing times in Kashmir. It may also be true that the times have indeed changed in Kashmir. But, does it necessarily mean the conditions have become so much conducive for the return of displaced Pandits that these demand a complete about turn of the very fundamentals that have driven and sustained the community’s struggle in exile.


November 20, 2007

The Case Of Kashmiri Pandits – K C Saha

Attached below the paper critically examines the universal applicability of the guiding principals on Internal displacement by considering the displacement of hindus from Kashmir in the course of low intensity armed conflict in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Please click on link below to download the file in pdf format

The Case Of Kashmiri Pandits

November 12, 2007

Musharraf , Judges & Sex Blackmail

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The rogue state of Pakistan , which is currently unders state of Emergency has the military rulers resorting to blackmail the judges in giving a verdict in favor of General Musharraf.

Please read the below story which appeared in British Media . Story Courtsey – TimesOnline

“SOME of Pakistan’s Supreme Court judges and their children were secretly filmed in compromising positions with lovers and prostitutes as part of a dirty tricks campaign by the country’s feared military intelligence.

Videos were sent out to at least three of the 11 judges in September as they were deciding whether General Pervez Musharraf was eligible to run for president while still army chief. One showed a judge with his young mistress while another was of a judge’s daughter having sex with a boyfriend.

“The message was clear,” said a British barrister who was told about the tapes by a Pakistani counterpart. “If you rule the wrong way, these will become public and your family destroyed.”

The judges then gave an ambiguous ruling, allowing Musharraf to be elected but declaring that they would decide on his eligibility later.

It was a fear that this ruling, due last week, would go against him that led Musharraf to declare the state of emergency that has plunged the country into crisis.

Although Musharraf claimed he had acted to prevent extremists taking over the country, the judiciary appears to have been his principal target.

No jihadi leaders have been arrested but he sacked Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the chief justice, and eight of the 11 Supreme Court judges and scrapped the constitution.

Since declaring the state of emergency last weekend, Musharraf has placed most of the country’s top judges and human rights activists under house arrest. Lawyers have so far led most of the protest rallies and hundreds have been arrested. The sacked judges have been replaced by others who swore an oath of allegiance to Musharraf.

According to western diplomats, it was Musharraf’s intelligence chiefs who talked him into the desperate measure by convincing him that the Supreme Court was about to overturn his reelection as president. But it might have been false information.

Rana Bhagwandas, a Supreme Court justice who is under house arrest in the judges’ colony in Islamabad, said his colleagues had not reached a verdict. Others claim the judges were poised to confirm Musharraf’s election by a narrow margin, fearing the instability that would be created by a ruling against him. One retired general said he had been told that the judges were 6-5 in favour of upholding Musharraf’s reelection.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) service has been reeling from Supreme Court rulings this year which have exposed illegal operations such as the kidnapping of Baloch nationalists and the detention and torture of terrorist suspects in secret jails.

According to government and Supreme Court sources, hidden cameras continued to be used to compile compromising evidence against judges until a few weeks before the emergency was declared.

The family of a woman who was having an affair with a Supreme Court judge said they were devastated to learn that her trysts had been filmed.

According to judicial sources, several judges had been receiving visits from prostitutes as “payment in kind” from private clients to whom they had given legal advice. “The ISI was sending the girls and the judges were enjoying it without knowing they were being filmed. Now they have videos of several judges,” one court source said last week.

The chief justice himself was the subject of a separate ISI smear campaign during the government’s attempt to have him dismissed in March. Among the affidavits claiming he had used his influence to help his son get a plum government job was an anonymous letter which implied a sexual impropriety.

The letter was denounced as “scandalous” by the judges shortly before Musharraf was forced to climb down and reinstate Chaudhry in July.

A military source who was privy to the dirty tricks campaign said it had failed. “They tried their best to blackmail the judges, but when the judiciary got public support, it was like getting new oxygen,” he said.

A western diplomat said intelligence officials had visited judges as they deliberated on Musharraf’s case.

“They met judges and put pressure on them. They claim they knew the decision was going to go against the president, but I’ve serious doubts about their intelligence work. They convinced him of something that wasn’t true.”

November 11, 2007

KP Elders meet Indian Pariliamentary Standing Committee on Rehablitation of “Migrants” !

Representatives of four Kashmiri Pandit organisations met Sh S.S Ahluwalia , Hon Member of Parliament and Convenon Sub Committee of Parliamentary Standing Committee for rehablitation of J&K Migrants. The meeting took place on 7th November.

The representatives also submitted a memorandum to Mr Ahluwalia. Kindly click below to check the Memorandum. 


KP Youth Meet European Union Team

Copy of Memorandum submitted by “Roots In Kashmir ” to the fact finding committee of European Union. Roots In Kashmir held an hour long meeting with EU team. [ Oct 2007 ]

Kindly click on the file Link below to download the memorandum in word file.


November 4, 2007


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As always the rogue state of Pakistan , has been put under state of Emergency. To check the latest news about Pakistan under a Military Dictator General Musharraf, kindly click HERE

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