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December 14, 2006

Silent !

The Home Minister of India seems to be as much involved in affairs regarding the unfortunate Kashmiri Pandit community as does my neighbors six month old daughter.

Mr Shivraj Patil in his latest statement today ( Click HERE ) ,says that there has been improvement in security in J&K and hence no more “Mass Migration” of Kashmiri Pandits.

Little does the Home Minister know that almost 98% were forced to “Migrate” in 1990 and out of remaining 2% , a slow exodus since then is continuously happening. Maybe Mr Patil is unaware of the statistics. And that is the misfortune.

The Home Minister further says that there would be an increment of monthly package from Rs 3,200 to Rs 4,000  per family. And by promising this the Govt has absolved themselve of any further responsibility.

There is no guarantee about Job opportunities in state Govt for Kashmiri Pandits. Only false promise & lip service.The number of State Govt Job by Pandits has slumped down from 16000 to around 2000. And in last 17 years not more than 300 Pandits have been appointed in jobs.

Mr Patil is silent !

Out of thousands of Pandits killed in Kashmir, not even a single killer has been convicted.

Mr Patil is silent !

Hundreds of Temples have either been destroyed or descreated.

Mr Patil is silent !

Kashmiri Pandits need a separate secure Homeland as union territory.

Mr Patil is silent !

Pandits were killed for being Indians & the killers are rewarded and invited to confrences , why ?

Mr Patil is silent !

Pandits gave their homes & lives for this country , what did the country give in return ?

Mr Patil is silent !

The gujarat victim got Rs Seven Lakhs , the pandits didnt. Why ?

Mr Patil is silent !

Silent they were and silent they would be . But the Govt of India has to realise that the only saving face of India in Kashmir is the Kashmiri Pandits , Should they think something drastic….what would India do ?

Perhaps , Mr Patil would remain silent !

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